Deep Creek Pharmacy


Deep Creek Pharmacy is located in the McHenry Plaza, 24465 Garrett Highway (US Rt. 219) just north of the Garrett County Fairgrounds.

Call 301-387-5300  by 2PM weekday afternoons and have your prescriptions or other pharmacy items delivered to your door the same day. Or you can pick it up at the pharmacy and we will phone you when your prescription is ready.

Allow the pharmacists of Deep Creek Pharmacy to provide you with the finest Pharmacist Care. Our Compliance and Drug Therapy Monitoring and Management  is unmatched in our area. We now provide to the patient all of their chronic medications that they must take in a nice and neat 7-Day planner or in monthly blister packaging or also known as "Bingo Cards". Delivered to your door! 

We  provide this service to Assisted Living Homes and individual patients.  We can take the worry and confusion away from patients and caregivers . Call and make an  appointment to discuss your special needs.


Deep Creek Pharmacy is independently owned by Gerard A Herpel, P.D.  We pride ourselves in the professional care and courteous service we give to our patients and customers.

Deep Creek Phone: 301.387.5300 
Deep Creek Fax: 301.387.4994

Tri-Towns Phone:  301.359.3778       
Tri-Towns Fax:   301.359.8096